First Light Charters

Panama City Beach, Florida - (850) 866-0802

What are your booking and cancellation policies?

A $100.00 deposit is required when making a reservation. The deposit is nonrefundable if canceling within 10 days of your trip. The trip is paid in full if canceling within 72 hours of your scheduled trip or if you are a no-show.
Cancellations due to weather are at the Captain's discretion and you will not be charged when canceled. Please make arrangements to pay the balance of trip in cash, if possible.

What do I need to bring?

Anything you might want to eat or drink. Fishing License and top of the line equipment and tackle are furnished. Bring normal protective gear, such as sunscreen, a hat,and sun glasses.

How many passengers can I bring?

One to four passengers.

What is your location?

First Light Charters is located at Treasure Island Marina, 3605 Thomas Dr. Panama City Beach, Florida.

How do I get my fished cleaned?

There is a seafood market on site at the marina, they stay open till 7pm so cleaning is the last of your worries.

How should I dress?

Cool comfortable clothes are best and shorts or a swim suit top to catch the rays is okay just remember to bring plenty of sunscreen, the sun is lot stronger out there on the water.